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RJO 2012


To evaluate the efficiency of fibrin glue to secure conjunctival autograft for pterygium surgery in comparison with sutures
Dr Snehdeep Shrikar , Dr. L.S.Jhala , Dr. Abhishek Saraf
Effect of muscle displacement of  horizontal recti in pattern strabismus
Dr Amit Mohan,M.S. ;Dr Sudhir Singh,M.S. Dr Seema Laad
Keratoconus- Treatment options
Dr  Vikas gupta M.S.,Dr  Sonu goel D.N.B., Dr Chitra sitaraman M.S., Dr Anurag mathur M.S.,
Rise  of  intraocular  pressure  after   intravitreal  injection triamcinolone  acetonide
Dr Manish Joshi,Dr Mona Vaish
Orbital implants: Our experience
Dr Seema Laad: Dr Amit Mohan,M.S. ;Dr Sudhir Singh,M.S.
Current biologic therapies in management of uveitis
Dr Pankaj Dhaka, MD, Dr Amarendra Samal, MD


Case report of  isolated schwannoma a rare tumour of eyelid
Dr Sudhir Singh,M.S; Dr Subodh Saraf,M.S;Dr Amit Mohan ;Dr Divyesh Goswami,M.D,;Dr SeemaLaad
Goldenhar  syndrome: Dermoid excision reduces acquired astigmatism

Amit Mohan,M.S. ; Sudhir Singh,M.S.; Seema Laad



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